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Wilbur & Baby Cakes


Wilbur. That was the name of my childhood stuffed animal. Ya know, like Wilbur from Charlotte"s Web? He was a small pink pig whose tail fell off several time because I carried him so much. (Thankfully, Mom was great with a needle and thread!) And once, I accidentally left him at a restaurant, and we … [Continue reading...]

Trend Alert: Lace

brushed cake

One of our favorite design trends this year for our sweets is a technique called brushed embroidery. This method involves brushing royal icing to create the look of lace. It looks so beautiful for weddings, showers, or other elegant events and can be used on all types of cakes and cookies. We … [Continue reading...]

Introducing the Cookie Basket!


Introducing the newest in our line of Marz Confections, the Cookie Bouquet! These bouquets have all the elegance of a flower arrangement with the whimsy (and of course deliciousness!) of our signature sugar cookies while providing more personalization for exactly what you need.  Need the perfect … [Continue reading...]